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twoofuscrpped1Yesterday Corey and I had a ball doing something we’d never done before. Mary Kay at Edmonds Bookshop, invited us to created a display with Celebrate Green! in one of her store windows.

We tossed around a lot of ideas, but came up with something very simple for a theme: Read Then Recycle

We turned our books into a variety of fanciful objects (a purse, table, candleholder etc.), to prove the point that there’s more than one way to recycle a book after you’ve read it. Even while we were installing the window, we got lots of kudos. The window is whimsical, different and totally us.

If you happen to be in Edmonds, WA, stop by the Bookshop, say hi to Mary Kay and tell her you think our window is AWESOME!

edmondswindowwhole21 edmondswindowpartial


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Celebrate Green book plus goodies giveaway

Lots of our books have been given away via websites like KIWI and Hallmark. But this month, we’re giving away a copy of Celebrate Green! ourselves. And to make it even better, if you win, you’ll find some super surprises when you open the box. (Can you say “chocolate?” and a gorgeous hemp bag from Bring it in a Bag and…well, you’ll just have to win and see what you get!) Retail value of what you receive will be between $50 and $75.

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment on this blog about what you plan to do to green up your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other special event between now and December 31.

We’ll choose our winner at random from all submissions by mid-November so you’ll be sure to have the book and goodies before the holidays.

Thanks for your participation. We look forward to reading all your great ideas.

And by the way, be sure to check out all the other great offers at the Holiday Gift Fest.

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Happy HalloGREEN!

We’ve almost made it through our second Halloween after the founding of Green Halloween. We’ve been working non-stop for the last two months and frankly,  I’ll be relieved when all the little ghosties and goblins have gone to bed tomorrow night.

But the support from thousands of people as well as the media exposure we’ve gotten has been amazing. From California to Florida, East Coast to the Nortwest and in Canada from Nova Scotia to Vancouver, the media is talking about Green Halloween. I think Corey could do an interview in her sleep (maybe she has!), and I’ve been writing so many tips articles for magazines, newspapers and blogs that tendinitis in my arm is threatening to sideline me again.

But despite the work and the feelings of overwhelm, spreading the word about Green Halloween and Celebrate Green! has been one of the most exciting adventures of our lives.

Be sure to watch Corey’s interview on CW11  It’s the beginning of a series we expect to do on green holidays and celebrations.

Here’s to a bootiful, EEK-O friendly, happy Halloween to you all! Oh and let me share for the first time, our tagline, “Changing the world one holiday at a time.”

Thanksgiving here we come!

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Know a teenie weenie greenie?

Calling all punsters. We’re partnering with Gwen Gardner at Little Chickie Wear in an effort to come up with the best green phrase to put on a onesie or toddler t-shirt.Just to get those brain cells moving, here are a few we invented all by ourselves:

I’m the cream of the organic crop! Greenie in Training. Growin’ up Green. Bet you can do better!

E-mail no more than five funny, silly, captivating sayings about eco, green, sustainable or organic to Please include:

  • Your first and last name
  • City, State (country if outside the U.S.)
  • Telephone number

On November 18, the top three choices will be announced on and (In case of multiple submissions of the same idea, the first to email to arrive will be used.)

From November 18-December 15, you can vote for your favorites at both websites. The winner will be the saying receiving the most votes, and will be announced on December 18. The winner will receive an organic onesie or t-shirt*-your choice-with the clever saying printed on it and a copy of the season’s must-have book Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family!

Anyone can enter, so feel free to pass this on to everyone you know.

*The winner must agree to give permission to print the winning saying on additional items that may be sold at the discretion of Little Chickie Wear.

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Blogging has taken a back seat

By Lynn 

Oh, we’ve been naughty (but we’re really, really nice). We’ve been blogging like crazy elsewhere (Savor the Success and Green for Good among others) as well as working feverishly on Green Halloween and doing incredible amounts of work for Celebrate Green! including a blog tour where we were written about or interviewed in 45 posts over two weeks!

What we have not been doing is writing for this blog, our blog, the one blog that should be at the top of our list. But this nefarious disregard for our own bests interests is about to stop. I’m committing right now in front of everyone, to write here more often. I’d love to be able to commit to more than that, but  hey, it’s one step at a time, right? Just like greening up your holidays and celebrations.

See you soon!

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Our baby’s birth day

By Lynn

I’ve used the analogy of birthing Celebrate Green! ever since I sent it to the printer. But today really is its birth day, the day it has “officially” launched into the world, the day we have been waiting for since last November when we received an email from the editor 15 minutes after we submitted the proposal that simply read, “Yes.”

The road has not been easy. Every single day, we’ve been faced with at least one roadblock. I told my husband not long ago that if I believed in such things, I would think this book was never meant to be born at all because we’d dealt with so many obstacles.

Yesterday, I had planned to get out our itinerary for the blog tour featuring 34 “stops.” It’s been a bear to organize, but here I am down to the wire and my computer starts acting up. I turn it off. The mouse is frozen. Change batteries. Still nothing. Windows comes up but I can’t enter my password. Try another mouse. Nada. Try my Wacom tablet, zilch. Turn the computer on and off half a dozen times, plugging and unplugging everything I can think of. My panic is interrupted by a phone interview for a radio show and a client (one of three I’m still trying to gently “lose” as I move away from coaching). Then I have to leave to babysit for my grandaughter, Ella.

I get to my son’s house, open the door and then can’t remove the key. It’s stuck. Jammed. Grab a fork and try to yank it out. Nope, guess we can’t go to the park. We’ll have to play in the backyard. Come back in after a game a tag. We’re having a tea party in Ella’s bedroom when I notice a FOUL smell issuing from…ME! I check myself and when I get to my shoes, realize I’ve stepped in dog poo WITH BOTH FEET. How is that even possible? They have a tiny dog who normally drops pellets the size of M&M’s. Not today.

OK, none of this but the computer has anything to do with the book, but still…I can’t help but see it under the umbrella of the book because every single moment of every single day for the last two months since the publisher went belly up and I took on publication, has been a series of stuck keys and doo doo on my shoes. And yet…

Here we are. There are 3000 books (less the few hundred we’ve sold in the last week) waiting for homes. We have interest from a dozen magazines. We’re now the celebrate green “experts” on a number of blogs. I’ve recuited about 100 of the 500 villagers who will help propel our book from the basement where most self-published books languish, to the top of some yet-to-be-named mountain. I have not the tiniest shred of doubt that this book is going to impact life in this country and on the Earth for the good, which is the reason I put myself through all this agony.

CelebrateGreen.NET and our book are the culmination of a big dream, but they also are just the beginning of a new phase in my life. It’s rather extraordinary when I think that only 18 months ago, I had the rest of my life planned. Nowhere in those plans had I made room for a new passion and purpose. But it materialized anyway. And despite the challenges, the naysayers, the non-believers, the hassles, frustrations and fears, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So much is behind, yet much more lies ahead.

Note: Due to a lot of last minute preparations for today, this entry is very similar to one I wrote for another blog, here. I highly recommend this blog site, if you’re an entrepreneurial woman seeking support and input for your ideas and dreams.

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Countdown to the official launch of “Celebrate Green!”

By Lynn

We’ve had Celebrate Green! in our hands for a week. We’ve been making some sales on the website, but officially, Wednesday, October 1, is our launch date. Originally, we were going to throw ourselves a big party, but there was so much else to do in getting our baby ready, that we decided (wisely) that a party was one thing too many. Instead, Corey and I will settle for a grateful hug and the hope that everyone who is reading the book will enjoy it.

Even though we’ve not done much mediawise, we have some big magazines interested in what we’re doing and at the very least, we know a mention of Celebrate Green! will appear in Woman’s Day, Pink and Better Homes and Gardens among others in the upcoming months.

On October 1, we’re launching a blog tour. These days, in person media book tours are limited to those writers who receive large advances, and even then, the authors often have to pay some expenses. So even big publishers are turning to virtual tours. Our first one will feature “stops” at more than 30 blogs where the bloggers will review the book or have done an interview with us that they’ll post on a pre-decided day during the first two and a half weeks of October. We hope you’ll support the bloggers who are supporting us by visiting those blogs. I’ll post the list in the next day or two.

We have done two talks in the last few weeks and plan to do more on green celebrations of every type. If you’re in the Northwest and would like to have us speak for your group or business, just let us know via the contact form on www.CelebrateGreen.NET

Speaking is great fun for us and the audiences seem to enjoy it as well. Our first engagement was at Green Edmonds and yesterday we spoke at a local temple. Corey has been speaking about Green Halloween for quite a few groups.

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