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Countdown to the official launch of “Celebrate Green!”

By Lynn

We’ve had Celebrate Green! in our hands for a week. We’ve been making some sales on the website, but officially, Wednesday, October 1, is our launch date. Originally, we were going to throw ourselves a big party, but there was so much else to do in getting our baby ready, that we decided (wisely) that a party was one thing too many. Instead, Corey and I will settle for a grateful hug and the hope that everyone who is reading the book will enjoy it.

Even though we’ve not done much mediawise, we have some big magazines interested in what we’re doing and at the very least, we know a mention of Celebrate Green! will appear in Woman’s Day, Pink and Better Homes and Gardens among others in the upcoming months.

On October 1, we’re launching a blog tour. These days, in person media book tours are limited to those writers who receive large advances, and even then, the authors often have to pay some expenses. So even big publishers are turning to virtual tours. Our first one will feature “stops” at more than 30 blogs where the bloggers will review the book or have done an interview with us that they’ll post on a pre-decided day during the first two and a half weeks of October. We hope you’ll support the bloggers who are supporting us by visiting those blogs. I’ll post the list in the next day or two.

We have done two talks in the last few weeks and plan to do more on green celebrations of every type. If you’re in the Northwest and would like to have us speak for your group or business, just let us know via the contact form on www.CelebrateGreen.NET

Speaking is great fun for us and the audiences seem to enjoy it as well. Our first engagement was at Green Edmonds and yesterday we spoke at a local temple. Corey has been speaking about Green Halloween for quite a few groups.


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Celebrate veggies!

By Lynn                I just came in from the garden. It’s been a rainy summer in Seattle and my poor tomatoes that looked so promising early on, have been struggling to turn from bright green to red. Yesterday was hot, “Thank heavens,” I can hear them saying. So this morning’s haul, while it wouldn’t feed a family was rewarding nonetheless. The collection looked beautiful (see the picture to the right) and the aroma was divine. The joy that I felt as I picked tomatoes, beans and a few remaining blueberries, reminded me that we can and should celebrate every single day so I made a mini-celebration. I sliced the tomatoes, still warm from the vine, added a bit of goat cheese and laid it on some bread that I only usually bring out for guests. I took my sandwich out to the deck and sat chewing slowly, enjoying every bite. It felt luxurious, maybe even a bit sinful because usually I eat at my desk and barely taste whatever I’ve tossed down. I returned to work refreshed. When we’re kids, most of our lives seem to be spent waiting. We tell children, “If you want that, you’ll have to wait for your birthday or Christmas.” But what if we encouraged every day celebrations…the first day of apple picking season…the first day you didn’t fall when ice skating…the first day the snow falls…(for us in Seattle), the first day of sunshine after a seeemingly endless rainy season. And by celebrating, I don’t mean simply giving a nod to the day, but a full out, joyfully exuberant salute to  miracles so common, we don’t even admit we’re in their presence. Choose something you don’t often do but that doesn’t cost anything. Make a backwards dinner. Play hop scotch. Visit the library. Create a craft. Label whatever you do a celebration and it will be. You’re making fun, but most importantly of all, you’re making memories.

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Celebrate Green! website launches

By Lynn & Corey

We’re too excited not to blog about today, September 5, 2008. It’s the day our website, Celebrate Green!, moved from in our heads to on our monitors. It’s the day that sharing our book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, with the world, became a reality.

We’re not only excited to have a website. We’re excited to have this website. It offers lots of additional information for those who’ve read the book. It’s fun and a real reflection of who we are, just like the book. We’ll be continually updating the site and asking our readers for their input, projects, ideas etc.

Lots of exciting collaborative projects are in the works, so be sure to visit and sign up for periodic news. We won’t be bombarding you, but when we’ve got something of value for you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

We’ll be featuring great companies that meet our standards of good for people, good for the planet and good for communities.

And remember, we want to hear from you. Tell us about what you’re doing to celebrate green!

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