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Five Candles

By Corey

Tonight is the last night my “baby” is three – tomorrow is her big 0-4. What are we doing to celebrate? We’ll begin the day by singing “Happy Birthday to You” at the top of our lungs and then going downstairs for pancakes in our pajamas. We’ll go for a walk on the trails near our home and pick blackberries. Along the way we’ll remind our birthday princess time and time again how grateful we all are that she is here. We’ll join her two sets of grandparents and her best four-year-old friend at the local tea house for a good old fashion tea party, complete with porcelain plates. Afterwards, if it’s sunny, we’ll go for a swim in the pool. Then we’ll bake a cake together and after it’s cooled, we’ll take pictures as she blows out her five candles (one for good luck). She’ll open presents – one from her mommy and daddy, one from her big sister, one from each set of grandparents. As the day winds down, as her eyes are getting tired, we’ll say goodbye to the grandparents, read a favorite book or coo over some photos from the day she was born, and end the night with a more subdued rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” than we sang at the start of the day. We’ll tell her once more that we love her more than all the stars in the sky and turn out the light.

When it’s all said and done, will our child have had a happy day?

We believe simplicity is one of the keys to going green successfully, not just because it is easier on the Earth, but also because it can bring great joy into our lives. Joy, in return, means that we’re more likely to repeat our actions, which in the case of simplifying would be a pretty darn good thing. Likewise, when our children take joy in simplicity, guess what they’re more likely to do? … and on and on it goes:

Less stuff, simple choices and people-focused traditions. These are gifts to us all.

Here we are enjoying our daughter’s tea party today.


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